Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Noon, December 31st,2010

Hello to All,

Josh has been breathing off the ventilator for over 52 solid hours now! Though still receiving a boost of oxygen from a vapor collar, the oxygen level is now much reduced and he is doing great with mainly the air from the hospital room drawn in through a humidifier. This is one of the positive shifts that have made him ready for rehab consideration. His pneumonia is well under control and his white blood count has returned to a low level.

Josh's sedation continues to be reduced but his storming intervals are still calling for medication to calm his heart rate and respiration. One of his doctors described it as a push-pull between weaning him off the narcotics and sedating him slightly more at certain times to help him through.

A tumultuous night has turned into a sleepy afternoon and though Josh needs the rest the PT ladies will be here later to wake him up and get him working.

Mike is feeling better. Rose and Darling are starting the slow process of moving out of the hotel and home once again, which will be a welcome return to normalcy.

We are looking forward to the new environment of Bryn Mawr Rehab, where routines and schedules will help us all shape our days. But the hardest work will continue to be up to Josh. Please keep sending him the love and hope that will keep him strong for his long course of recovery.

Thank you for the continued flow of prayers and light energy.
We are ever thankful for all the love and support.

The Bonjos


  1. Happy New Year Josh! We think about you all the time and send you Love and Healing Thoughts.
    Linda and David

  2. Couldn't post last night, but just wanted to give a huge hurray for movements on command! Go Josh! Keep hanging in there guys. I hope everyone (that's Mike and Darling and Rose too) is feeling a step better tomorrow. Every little step is good. Good luck.

  3. Happy New ear to all of the Bonjos. So happy to see that small improvements are continuing. As this New Year begins I send one of my favorite prayers to you all...


    Do not pray for easy lives,
    Pray to be stronger....

    Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers;
    Pray for tasks equal to your powers.

    The doing of your work
    shall be no miracle,
    But you shall be a miracle.

    Every Day, you shall wonder at yourself,
    And the richness of life,
    Which has come to you by the grace of God.

    Love to you all, Sue

  4. Mike, Darling, Rose and Josh,
    You are constantly in my thoughts and hold you in a beautiful light as you continue your journey on this path. Love to each of you!!! As you make your way home, remember to stop in to lie on center yourself in the studio, if you so desire! I'm currently down in VA and will return on Monday. Glad you are feeling better, Mike!!!

  5. Dear Darling, Mike, Rose, and Josh,
    Happy New Year! I hope you find solace in little improvements. Enjoy being home again. Josh, keep trying; you'll get there one day.
    If you need our house, it's open to you and close to Paoli.
    All the best in 2011 to you.
    Love and light,
    Nancy and Ivan

  6. I believe this is going to be a happy new year for the entire Bonjo family. We are thinking about you a lot and sending positive energy to you all.
    Love, Aunt Susan

  7. A New Year - New Hope - Much love and light coming your way every day.