Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday December 30th

Josh is still moving
between storming and
calm periods. The doctors
have figured out what meds
settle him and have made

Josh got the stitches taken out of his head today.
Josh stuck out his tongue on command for the
PT doctor this AM. He is still in there fighting.
The doctors said he can be moved to rehab as soon
as the storming passes, hopefully next week.

Meanwhile, Mike got sick and Darling moved to
the night watch. Don't get alarmed if we don't
post for a whole day as things are hectic and
time has little meaning.

Thanks again for all the meals
and for taking care of our home. Thanks to
Gretchen and Taggart, Dylan and Sam for their continuous
support and to Brad and Keith for taking
care of the difficult details, so we don't
have to. Thanks to Tom and Julie for checking in on us.
Thanks for the cards and letters.

The Bonjos


  1. Peace and speedy healing for all...


  2. Mike, get well soon. Daling & Rose, take care of yourselves also. Great news about Josh and the PT. Lookin forward to his complete recovery and release back into the real world. Love to all. Judy & Kimmy

  3. Darling! Mike! what do you need? what can we do for you? night watch? are there close friends out there near you to be trusted with this??! clean house? how about a spare car (I have one of those for you) sounds like you guys are wearing thin. PLEASE just say what you need. so many check this site many times a day and feel "on call." we are tired of just praying...


  4. p.s. "tired of just praying" (some of us)

  5. Michael, Darling, Rose, Mike & Elaine and
    especially JOSH,

    May the New Year bring you GOOD HEALTH AND HAPPINESS...PEACE...LOVE and Josh's journey back
    to you should be soon.

    LOVE YOU ALL......Ruth Ann & Bob

  6. Good morning and hello to all of you. Hoping Mike is better this morning and that the couch wasn't too bad, Darling. Here's hoping for a peaceful day while Josh continues to heal. The Knapps are, as always, thinking of the Bonjos all the time.

  7. Dear Michael, Darling, Rose and Josh,
    I was so thrilled that Josh was able to stick out his tongue on command! I can visualize many guardian angels surrounding Josh and you all - we continue our continuous prayers for returning health, healing, and good and strong strength for all of you. Sending tons of love and hope, Bless you all as the New Year begins with all Goodness and Light,
    Aunt Denise, Hilary and Maya

  8. Dear Darling, Mike, Rose, Josh, and all of the Bonjo family,

    I am sending you continued love and support from the west coast. My whole family is thinking of Josh and wishing him well. I'll be back in Pennsylvania in about 2 weeks and if there is anything I can do, please let me know. You are all incredibly strong and I hope for good news every day.

    Sending only love to you all,

  9. Hang in there, and know that we are all here for you !
    Susan, John and Toshi