Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello to all hopeful Friends,

Another quiet and stable night thanks to the wisdom and skill of our great Nurse Kerrie.

Josh is resting and maintaining good health. His stability and strength is prompting the doctors to start the next phase. After an early morning CAT scan tomorrow, he will have his breathing and feeding tubes switched around, a great step that will clear his mouth and face of all the equipment.

He will also have the pressure gauge in his head removed, which in itself is a very positive progression, meaning that all here think the worst of the pressure and swelling will be over by then. It's removal will also allow him to have a MRI which will provide valuable info for the doctors as well. It will not be definitive or move anyone towards the positive prognosis we are hoping to hear, but will give an idea of how his treatment should progress.

His will be a long healing process, we are reminded of that everyday, all day, by every doctor and nurse that consults with us. Any miracles that may occur will be slow to develop.
Though it feels like three weeks, it has only been five days, and we are looking at weeks or months of recovery.

With all the love, prayers, and support we are receiving, please keep in mind this drawn-out time frame for Josh's healing. Please keep those prayers and wishes headin his way.

His visitation is still limited to immediate family only. A time for visitors will come and then we look forward to the joy those visits will bring our boy.


  1. Darling, Mike, Rose, Josh, and all in the Bonjo family,

    I am keeping Josh and all of you in my thoughts. Josh is an incredible person and I know he has a loving and supportive family. Sending my love and good energy your way.

    Molly Alpern

  2. Sending all my love and prayers....
    Shelli (Glasser) Banko

  3. Mike and Family:
    You all are in my thoughts during this difficult time. Hopeful that as the days pass you will continue to see positive improvements and that Josh will make a full recovery. I have been through a similar situation and know how difficult it is to see your loved one lying there so helpless...Stay strong.

    Jenn Miller

  4. Molly just told us about Josh. Our thoughts are with you.

    Ellen and David Alpern

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Sending positive thoughts, good energy and hopeful outcomes.

    Ellen Pillsbury

  6. Dear Darling, Mike, Rose, and, Josh,
    We are praying for you and sending you Love.
    Love from Linda, David, Sam, Melanie, Dian and Jessica

  7. thanks so much for the update. haven't felt the same since first hearing about this. keeping an image of josh, eyes wide open and smiling, clear and bright in our minds. count us (noah & me) in for the recovery phase. love & hugs

  8. Kimmy and I have been and will continue to pray for Josh's speedy recovery. Sleepover here Saturday night, we will all send lots of healing energy his way :)

  9. Thank you for posting and sharing news. I've been thinking so much about you all since I heard the news on Monday. Know that you have people literally all over the world vibing and praying for Josh's strength and recovery. If there's any way we can be of help or support, please ask. When you are ready for some meals to be delivered, I've already got a few people who want to cook for you. So much love to you all!!!

  10. Stay strong, we are sending you lots of love and healing energy. Take care.
    Love, the entrekin's

  11. Hi Darling, Mike and Rose-
    This morning a huge flock of all varieties of birds-(some I'd never seen in my yard before) all descended into my yard outside my window-red cardinals,blue jays,, yellow finches,woodpeckers, finches,and others I don't know the names of.It was an amazing sight and I knew it had to be a blessing from heaven for Josh.Nature will work her miracles in her own time, and we will just have to endure.
    You are all in our hearts and prayers every day. If there is anything we can do,we will. Josh has amazing friends and an amazing family, and they are all here for him and for you all.
    Susan ,Toshi and John Salvino

  12. You are in our thoughts. We send our positive energy for Josh's healing and your strength during this difficult time.
    Anita Kaplan
    Nathan Gould

  13. Prayers are with you guys.

    Looking forward to the good news I truly believe will come.

    -Corey T

  14. Darling, Mike, Rose & especially Josh,

    So worried when we heard the news from three different social interactions, but it shows us just how much Josh is loved in this world. He has been one of the sweetest guys we have known. Sending you good thoughts, and thinking of you often.

    Please let us know if we can help in any way - hope you all are keeping comfortable and taking care of yourselves during this tough time.

    Love to all.

    Lee, Dana and Richard Reinert

  15. Prayers here for a quick recovery,

  16. Love you all!! Thinking and praying for Josh and you all xxxooo

    Love, Melanie