Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday August 26th, 2011

Rose and Darling leave for VT next week, so Josh and I will be going
to day treatment together. The hospital will take advantage of me
being there and train me to walk one on one with Josh so we can walk
outside of therapy.

Josh has been doing very well. He stood this week, unassisted, on several
occasions. He walked further than he has before with the aid of his therapist;
and he walked very strong on the Locomat treadmill. Things are coming together.

After 6 months, Josh was finally approved for the PA Independence Program
that will provide assistance to help him with home modifications or an aid
for the day if we need someone. It is nice just to have the program, even if we don't yet need it.

Thanks for anyone who continues to check in and thanks to all
of you who have been visiting Josh.

The Bonjos

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday August 17th, 2011

Josh continues to work hard in therapy,
walking further, stronger and with less and
less assistance each week. Pool therapy provides
a different type of relearning experience and a
diversion from the weekly grind.

Here is a picture of what they do to him when
he corrects his doctor's grammar or his therapist's
math mistakes. Mentally, he is spot on!

Rose leaves for VT in 2 weeks, so Josh and I will be
bach'in it for 4 days. His Aunt and Uncle from Florida
will be visiting shortly therafter. It will be an eventful
end to an uneventful but busy summer.

Josh would love you to visit!

The Bonjos

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday August 4th, 2011

Josh continues to work hard in therapy.
Walking is still a struggle. However, yesterday
he walked about 50 steps with very little assistance
from his therapist at his side.

After therapy, Darling and I met to transfer Josh from
her car to mine so I could take him home. It is usually
a car to wheelchair then wheelchair to car transfer.
This time, we stood Josh up, then walking between the two of us,
he took about 6 steps to my car and then transferred in.
This is a first!

Josh is in the pool today at Bryn Mawr. He hates it,
but it is doing him some good.

Josh's middle name is Daniel, for my Uncle Dan who passed
shortly before Josh was born. In the picture above, Josh
is wearing a Dan's leather vest. Dan hand made the buttons
from silver coins. His wife and family gifted this to Josh just recently
and he loves it! Thank you!

More good stories as they happen!

The Bonjos