Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday December 28th

Josh had a quiet night and a
busy morning. He is resting
now after another sympathetic
storm about 5 AM after his
morning care. He did recover
from this one with a minor
amount of medication.

His bed is in chair position right now and he
looks very comfortable.

Now he just finished PT a few minutes ago
and managed a small wiggle of his thumb
after sitting, supported on the edge of the bed.

More later.

The Bonjos


  1. Good afternoon everybody. Hang in there....I know its an unbelievable test of faith. Take care of yourselves..get your rest. Thinking about you all everyday. Keep posting.
    cousin Dyan

  2. I would just like to echo what cousin Dyan says above with a 'good evening' and a gigantic hug.


    p.s. noah (like so many others, I know) is wanting to visit Josh. just thought I'd put that out there.

  3. Good news! Glad to hear about the quiet night, too, here's to more in the future. Good luck out there, Bonjos.

  4. May you have a day filled with heart felt love and meaningful connections. My sacred love flows out to all of you!

  5. Sending love and prayers from Seattle, WA. Blessings to you all ~

  6. To the Bonjos--

    I've been thinking about Josh and all our memories from Upattinas. I still have a couple of his drawings. Sending love and energy to all of you. Emma A.

  7. Dear Bonjos-

    A thumb wiggle is cool! Our thoughts are with you as usual.The kids are all looking forward to when they can visit Josh.He has so many friends who will be there whenever he is ready to visit, talk, paint his fingernails, or whatever he needs. Until then, they are hanging in there together and keeping him close in their hearts and thoughts as we all are.
    Susan JOhn and Toshi

  8. I wish for you..comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes,rainbows to follow the clouds,laughter to kiss your lips,sunsets to warm your hearts, gentle hugs when spirits sag,friendships to brighten your being,beauty for your eyes to see,confidence for when you doubt,faith so that you can believe,courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth,and LOVE to complete your lives. Good night world...and all who inhabit it.