Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday December 24th Christmas Eve

Josh had a quiet night. After
reducing his sedatives yesterday,
he is much more reactive to
stimulus. He opens his eyes a bit,
blinks, and flexes with his
arms and legs in response to what
he feels.

We gave Josh a shave and haircut last night. Both were
overdue. He looks like a different guy.

Josh will do some more PT today with the therapists. They
also have given us instructions to involve the family in
routine physical therapy throughout the day. What a great idea!

We would like to continue to thank all the amazing nurses who are
caring for Josh: Terry, Amy, Kerry, Mike, Skate, Jon, Nancy, Karen
Patty, Chris, and also all the doctors. Thanks also to everyone
at Columbia Boiler for their understanding, kindness and support
during this time.

Thank you all for your love and support. Say a prayer, hug your
kids and love ones and enjoy your family on Christmas Eve.

Mike, Darling and Rose


  1. Goood morning. You had a busy day yesterday! The brain is a miraculous thing...and I pray you see this very soon. Keep up the range-of-motion.May the spirit and miracles of Christmas fill your day . Thinking of Josh and all of you today and everyday.
    Cousin Dyan and the Derobas

  2. He does look really good with that beard, im just saying

    Zach Curran

  3. Mike and elaine, Good things come to good people.What come around goes around you taught nme that thru the years. Angel's watch over the good,Were still praying goin the the coal region for holiday Merry Christmas to all Luv your friends from Wilkes_ Barre God speed

  4. I hope that God is good to you and Josh. You are in my prayers this Christmas.

  5. wonderful wonderful hope-filled news! thank you so much for the update (and the almost unbearably cute photo, too!)


  6. Dear Mike, Darling and Rose,
    All PRAYERS GO OUT TO JOSH ON THIS HOLY NIGHT!!!!Thinking of you all the time!!
    Love you lots!! Pam

  7. YAY JOSH IS STARTING TO WAKE UP!!!! I hope he can be awake for a bit for Christmas!!! Merry Christmas to Josh's family and Friends!!!!

  8. Dear Loved Ones on this Christmas Eve,
    With each morning and evening post I receive, my heart is lighter and more hopeful. Josh continues to be visualized in our minds getting up and returning to all the wonderful people and activities he loves.
    Blessings and love,
    Aunt Denise, Hilary and Maya (and most of Western Pennsylvania!)

  9. Christmas Miracle is starting to happen :) Gooo Josh, see you soon, as good as new :) Judy and Kimmy

  10. he was so cute~

    i hope you all have a happy healing holiday


  11. Hope this Christmas Eve brings Josh closer to recovery. We went to Christmas Mass and we lite a candle and said the rosary asking Mary to watch over and help Josh to heal. We prayed to the blessed baby of Christmas, whom with all things are possible.
    Wishing you a blessed Chrismtas season and a New Year filled with healing.
    The Passifione's

  12. Mike,Darling, Rose, Aunt Elaine & Uncle Mike,

    Know that you are not alone on this journey, you have many prayer warriors interceding on Josh's behalf! Sending all our love to everyone this blessed Christmas Eve.

    The Alderson family
    Dave, Jen, Josh & Hannah

  13. Merry Christmas Bonjo's! I am thrilled to see him making progress every day! Keep up the great work Josh!
    Shelli Banko