Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is It Really February?

It's hard to believe that it is 2013 and Spring is rapidly approaching. Josh has been very busy as usual.

After a nice holiday break, Josh has been working hard 5 days a week. Between Bryn Mawr Rehab, Fighting Back, the Sadar Institute and home work outs, he is extremely busy. The hard work is paying off.

Josh had some minor medical issues 2 weeks ago that required a trip to the ER at Paoli, which was traumatic just being there. However, after a subsequent visit to a specialist during an ice storm and an adjustment of meds, things are looking up this week. Mike had to miss a business trip he had been planning for over a year, but we dealt with and defeated the issue as a family.

Josh was fitted for a new lighter and smaller wheel chair last week. It will take a while to be made, but will help him scoot around without help from anyone else, while he is still perfecting his walking skills.

We visited the neurologist today to discuss the issues Josh had experienced a few weeks ago, and to review his latest MRI. The MRI showed that the atrophied area around his medulla is actually shrinking, showing a marked improvement over the last year and a half. He is still healing.

Josh will also finally start using the Lokamat walking machine at Bryn Mawr. We are very excited about that!

Josh will be graduating from the Occupational Training program at BMR this month. He is sad because he enjoys it so much!

Special thanks to the Geeseys and the Glassers who have taken a special interest in Josh all this time and keep him motivated in their own special ways!!!

It's not all blue skies and rainbows, but we are thankful for where we are at at this point. We have our family and friends to support us and Josh continues to improve.

Josh's New Year's resolution is to walk unassisted this year. Give him a hardy "Yes You Can!"

Love and Thanks,
The Bonjos