Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday December 21st

Josh had his breathing and feeding arrangements
changed yesterday. He is much more comfortable
and looks more himself.

The doctors are trying to slowly reduce his sedation.
This will allow him to get closer to a state of
consciousness so they can better evaluate his
neurological condition.

Josh's pressures were stable overnight. If they stay down today,
they can get him into the MRI soon, clear his neck and spine as uninjured,
and get him out of the neck restraint he has had on from day one. It
will be another huge improvement in Josh's comfort and appearance.

At times, Josh is breathing faster than the ventilator, pushing the machine
up to his speed.

These are all beautiful, wonderful signs, but the road ahead is long and steep
with many unknowns. For now, we will take everything positive we can get.
As the doctors keep telling us, "Baby steps."

Thank you for helping Josh get to this point. Thank
you for your prayers and acts of kindness. Your support of our family
has given us the strength to be there for Josh during these past 10 days.

We would also like to begin to thank the Caln police and first responders who
arrived so quickly and got Josh on the way to Paoli in a matter of minutes.
Their speed and expertise may have made all the difference in Josh's recovery.

Please keep Josh in your thoughts and prayers today and we will update as we
are able. The prayer and meditation focus again today is for Josh's lungs to heal.
As today is the Winter Solstice, last night was the longest night of the year.
The days will now grow longer and the nights shorter. Let's hope that is a metaphor for
Josh's recovery. (Thanks Chris)

The Bonjos


  1. Jesus, Master Physician of all times, Your Divinity did not require a Ph.D. Eagerly, You resurrected the dead, restoring the health of the sick, be it physical or spiritual torment. None were a great obstacle to You: For Your loving power is omnipotent. I ask for Your abounding healing love for Josh; Maintain his body and soul vigorous so he may return to his family and loved ones. The world will be conquered by You, All afflictions will be dissipated!

  2. Thanks for the update. Sounds like good news.
    We will continue to think positive and keep
    Josh and all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love to all, The Glassers

  3. last night i had an awful anxiety about josh and have been checking the blog every ten minutes since- I'm relieved to see everything is alright, and very glad to hear of his improvements.

    i'm so glad that there is a place where everyone can communicate.

    all my love,


  4. Dear Michael Darling Rose Josh Elaine Mike and all our dear Family,
    Every breath I take I send to Heaven as a prayer for Josh's healing. He and all of you are in our every thought and prayer.
    All of our love,
    Aunt Denise Hilary and Maya