Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday, December 22nd

Josh had a quiet night. The MRI cleared his neck

from injury, so they removed the immobilization

collar for the first time since he arrived. We were

able to clean up Josh's face and head, and he is

beginning to look like himself again.

The doctors plan to begin weening Josh off the respirator

going forward. They also plan to have him sit upright in

a special chair periodically.

Josh's MRI seemed to confirm the type of injuries that were suspected.

The doctors are slowly lightening his sedatives so they can evaluate

his true condition. The MRI and the initial "waking up" will be helpful, but they

are still just pieces of the puzzle that make up his long term prognosis.

For now, it is still wait, watch and pray.

The Bonjos


  1. Michael and family

    Thank G-d for the wonderful news this morning.
    I awake each day and check the blog for an update on Josh. What a great tool this blog is to keep all informed. I look at this blog several times a day hoping for some good news. Our wish each day is for another step toward Josh's return. Our love to all of you.
    Bob & Ruth Ann

  2. Dear Bonjos-What a wonderful thing to be able to see and touch JOsh's sweet face! I am so happy to hear this wonderful news this morning.

    We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for the picture of Josh's origami- we have some right next to our candle!

    Susan , John and especially Toshi!