Thursday, August 29, 2013

We lost a dear friend this month, Jack Geesey. Jack and his wife Joyce have been family
friends for 40+ years. His memorial service is today.

You may have seen Jack's photo shop work on Josh's blog over the past 2 years. While
Josh was still hospitalized, Jack kept us all confident and smiling with his uplifting
photos and computer graphics, turning pictures we took of Josh during his recovery
into posters filled with hope and sometimes a few laughs. Jack made a difference
in our lives in many, many ways. Thank you Jack.

Josh continues to receive treatment in his ankles, toes and legs which is drastically
improving his flexibility. He can more easily get in and out of the car and his chair.
Combined with a new PT program at In Motion, his improved strength and flexibility
reinforce our confidence for continued recovery.

Courtesy of Jack

More later.
The Bonjos