Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday, December 21st Solstice Afternoon

Another day of positive progress and we are ever hopeful. The milestone of the MRI was reached this afternoon, but even after the results are analyzed and discussed, it will not change anything in the current day to day care and support Josh is receiving. The information will just continue to enrich the picture we have of Josh's amazing brain and how well it is handling the healing process.

Right now Cindy, our sweet Respiratory Therapist is experimenting, exercising they call it, with Josh's ability to breathe on his own and it is going well with minor support from the ventilator. Later she will give him a rest and turn on the ventilator again. Nurse Mike did a great job helping Josh through a somewhat hectic day full of transitions. He also blushed a little when I told him he was the most famous male nurse in the blogosphere.

Please light a candle, say a prayer, or wish on a wintry star for Josh tonight.

Most importantly, enjoy your own family and let them know how much you love them.

A Happy Solstice to you all.

The Bonjos


  1. Dear Mike, Darling, Rose Aunt Elaine and Uncle Mike, I checked earlier to see how Josh was doing and if he had a good night. And he has been on all of our minds all the time along with all of you. So I was quite surprised to read another post in the afternoon. We are glad to hear that it was a positive day. And that we will keep praying for Josh and all of you to stay strong and positive. We LOVE You, Pam, Ron and Stephanie

  2. Dear Rose, Darling & Mike,
    We will light a candle, say a prayer, AND wish on a wintry star for Josh tonight -- and every night. Everything and anything to have back the sweet Josh that we only got to know last year. We hang on your every post and cheer with any bit of good news. You are our first thought when we arise and our last thought before we sleep. Please whisper in Josh's ear that we are missing him and need him back.
    Much love,
    Brenda, Eric & Nora

  3. Mike, Rose and Darling,
    Wishing with all my heart for more days of positive progress. You are in my thoughts all day long, and I am so thankful that you are posting Josh's progress. I look forward to many more POSITIVE posts.
    Shelli Banko

  4. Dave, Patricia and Oceana AzarDecember 21, 2010 at 10:22 PM

    Darling, Mike, Rose - we just became aware of Josh's accident and status today, PLEASE receive the longest, widest, lasting hug from us to all four of you. Our strong visions of Josh's healing peacefully will accompany you each day from now on, and we will be grateful to be able to share in the news as they develop. This type of forum really helps, it helps to vent, to share, to reflect upon the magnitude of the human spirit and its strength. Coping is the goal, until this passes too... Love, Patricia, Dave and Oceana Azar -- Dave would also like you to know that his company's transportation services are available to you and yours "in kind" throughout this difficult period, please don't hesitate to let us help you relax when going from point A to B...

  5. Happy solstice, Bonjos, still thinking about all of you constantly. Wishing on every star. Keep hanging in there.

    Just wanted to say, too, that your strength (even just viewed through a blog) is incredible. You're enduring something nobody should have to endure, and you are doing it with grace. Josh is so lucky to have you for his family!

  6. We remain hopeful for Josh's continued healing. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way. -Ellen Pillsbury

  7. many candles lit here, body prayers, wishes on a thousand wintry stars for Josh, Rose, Darling & Mike

  8. Darling, I'm thinking of you and your family every day and sending all the positive vibes I can muster for Josh's full recovery.

    Sending warm thoughts from all of us..

    Ellen and David Alpern

  9. Darling, you are forever linked to the solstice in my mind, and I've thought of you during this day from the eclipse to this very minute as I am finally about to end this day. I baked all night and lit a row of candles in the kitchen window for Josh and thought of yule logs and "peas on earth" (or was it world peas?) and secret wishes being sent up my chimney. Peas, my friend. :)

  10. Dear Mike, Darling & family,
    We are pleased to hear about ALL of Josh's baby steps towards his recovery. We are praying for you every day. Take care!
    Love, A. Donna, U. Norb, Denise, Robb & kids

  11. I had such a good feeling come over me while I read this. Happy Solstice to you all!