Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Morning December 18th

Josh had a good night last night under Nancy's care.
His IC pressure is down this morning, which is a good thing.
We hope for a calm, quiet and uneventful day. If we can
finish the weekend in this manner, Monday will bring
some important changes in Josh's care. Nurse SKate
will be caring for Josh on the day shift today.

Thank you again to everyone for everything you have
sent to the hospital and just for keeping up with Josh's progress.
As much as you may be motivated to visit Josh here,
please understand that the doctors are trying to keep
Josh and the other ICU patients calm, quiet and isolated from any
type of colds or viruses. Virtual visiting through this website
is requested. There will be plenty of time for your personal
support in the coming weeks.

Please continue to think about and pray for Josh today
and we will update as possible.

Mike, Darling and Rose


  1. Praying for a quiet uneventful weekend!
    Thanks for keeping us you said, this blog is a great way to keep us posted so that we can continue to pray for Josh's speedy recovery!
    Shelli (Glasser) Banko

  2. Thankyou so much for this blog,
    All of my prayers and wishes are towards your family and especially Josh.
    I hope for a peaceful and uneventful weekend.


  3. You know I'm here, you know I love you all.


  4. Dear Mike, Darling and Rose, Checking this web site everyday for updates it sure is Great thing to keep us all in touch. Just know that we all up here in Shamokin thinking about Josh and all of you everyday and praying for all of you. Anything we can do let us know.
    Love ya, Pam, Ron and Stephanie

  5. Thank you so much for the updates! God bless you all and all your friends and family for their support and all the wonderful staff of doctors and nurses helping Josh to recovery. Praying for you every day! Stay strong!!! All our love, your cousin Dana (Deroba), Lee & Quentin Phillips in Cave Creek, AZ

  6. Josh is a strong guy, with a super strong supportive family. I know he'll end up being just fine. Im here if you need me. I love you all and your all in my thoughts.

    Zach Curran

  7. Darling, Mike and Rose... just wanted to let you know my prayers have been with you since the moment I found out. I'm here if you need anything ... and close to your home... please remember that.

    Love you all and miss you.