Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day 2011

Josh had what has been
a typical night, last night.
Periods of extreme calm, then
the storms.

We are visiting Bryn Mawr Rehab
next week for a tour and a meeting
with the admittance department.
If all goes as planned, Josh could
be transferred some day next week.

Until then, thank you all again, friends,
family, nurses, doctors, and hospital staff
for everything you are doing for us. Please
pray for Josh this weekend.

With Love,

The Bonjos


  1. Dear Mike, Darling, Rose, Aunt Elaine and Uncle Mike,
    Wishing you a New Year filled with Hope, Progress and continued Love of family and friends. We Love you all!!! Uncle Mike, Michele, Brian, Pam, Ron and Stephaine

  2. Prayer for a Miarcle
    God of all creation, you who spoke a simple command and brought forth light from the darkness, I ask you now to send forth your miracle-working power to heal Josh. You cleansed the lepers, opened the eyes of the blind and by speaking a simple command, you empowered the crippled to rise up and walk. You sent forth your life giving power to all those in need, including those you raised from the dead. I ask you to send forth your healing power into their body and give them the strength to fight their illness. I ask this through my Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

  3. Hoping and wishing for a year of healing for Josh. A day doesn't go by that Ed and I don't think, pray and send Josh positive thoughts of healing. Hoping every day when we read the blog that we will read that he has awakened and smiled at mom and dad. I am confident in the Lord and in Josh's will to heal that the day of awakening will be very soon indeed. If there is anything you need, please don't hesitate to let us know.
    Ed and Jacquie Passifione

  4. I hope and pray that 2011 is good to you and that Josh keeps on healing. Praying for the day when he opens his eyes and awakens for good.
    Thanks for posting all the pictures of Josh! He sure does look like his dad!
    We are keeping the positive thoughts coming, praying that 2011 will bring Josh back to you, happy and healthy!
    Shelli Banko

  5. Praying for Josh's complete healing on his awakening. Prayers also for continued strength and comfort for Mike, Darling & Rose. This has been very difficult for you, prayers will pull you through. Love to all, Judy&Kimmy

  6. Wake up's time to come back to your family. For this we pray.

  7. Darling and family-
    Heather and I are sending lots of love from San Francisco. Josh is in our prayers. I will ask at school meeting for the community to send him healing energy for a good recovery.