Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Morning December 26th

Josh had a rough Christmas.
He is resting very comfortably
After the doctors reduced his
sedation over several days with
only positive results, he was in
distress for a good part of the
day yesterday. He had a very
high heart and breathing rate,
sweating, fever, and
surprisingly, an increased
white cell count after it had
dropped significantly
the day before.

This prompted a midnight CT scan that
showed very little.

The doctors increased Josh's sedative again
and he is now resting peacefully. His white
cell counted and fever dropped dramatically over night, leaving
everyone scratching their head. Was it the reduction
of his sedation, a phenomenon called a sympathetic
storm, a fever or a combination of things?

For now, we will be content with another quiet
day while we watch the snow move in.

Thanks again to everyone who is on the Trott's
cooking schedule and to all of you who set up
this blog or are just following along. Thanks to
our friends, neighbors and relatives who are praying
for Josh and supporting us in so many ways. We are
eternally grateful.

The Bonjos


  1. You are all still in our thoughts daily. Be strong, I am sure there will be hard days, but I hope today is a peaceful one. Much love to you all!
    Love, the Entrekin's

  2. Thinking of you all.

  3. thinking of you all every hour and sending warm, healing thoughts

  4. Constantly in our thoughts... our prayers...our hearts...sending our love....Michele, Brian & Danielle

  5. Mike,Darling,Rose,UncleMike,AuntElaine;
    Good evening to you all. Hope this day was a quiet one.We celebrated Christmas with all of you on our minds and hearts.Be patient and stay strong. Cousin Dyan and the Derobas

  6. Dear Bonjos-
    Peaceful snow and quietness are all around- I hope this brings more healing and rest for Josh and you all-you are in our thoughts and prayers!
    Love-Susan, John and Toshi-

  7. We are keeping you in our prayers. There is usually a lot of ups and downs with healing. Keep the faith.

  8. The will of god will never take you where the grace of god will not protect you. Stay strong & be peaceful and forever hopeful & full of faith. You are loved and thought of daily.