Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10, 2011

We were able to spend lots of time with Josh
this weekend. This morning, he moved to a new,
single room.

Josh is at times, tracking people across the
room with his eyes. If I stand at the foot of the bed,
Josh will track up to look me straight in the eye.
He is also making noises in speech therapy.

Josh made some small movements last night that could
be interpreted as seizure related. We are checking that
out today. So far, it was only one short occurrence.

All of his therapists say he is making daily improvements.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we are meeting with the
hospital to set a timeline for Josh's discharge. We have
no idea how far into the future this will be.

Love you all for following this,
The Bonjos


  1. Good Afternoon Bonjo's! This is wonderful news!! Stay strong and positive. In my thoughts daily...

  2. Keep up the great work Josh! Keeping the positive thoughts and prayers that he improves EVERY day! I truly believe that he knows that you are there, and he is SOOO thankful to have such a wonderful loving family!
    Shelli Banko

  3. I am ecstatic to hear about Josh's progress every day. It sounds like he's being a fighter (which, of course, doesn't surprise me). Josh and your whole family are in my thoughts and visualizations every day and my rabbi dedicated the healing prayer to him at Sabbath services last week.

    All the way from Virginia,
    Josh's friend Celia.

  4. I'm so happy Josh is progressing so well. He's been in my thoughts and dreams every single night and day. [In my dream the other night he was laying in a hammock and asked me to crack his back for him and last night he was just staring and making faces at me.]

    Love love love,
    Emily Savill

    p.s. That picture is great. I can't even count how many times I have seen him make that face.

  5. What a wonderful thing to have him look you in the eyes! I wish for him lots him improvement in this new setting along with hope and healing for you his family as well. We are all sending lots of love and prayers your way!
    Susan ,John and Toshi

  6. I love the picture, great! So nice to hear the improvements that he is making. It must be so nice to have him look at you. We think of you all everyday. Stay strong and know you are loved.
    Love, the Entrekins

  7. Rose, Darling, Mike, and Josh,

    What wonderful news! I am keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping for good news every day. Much love coming your way.

    Molly Alpern

  8. So good to talk with Mike yesterday! I hope there is soon some rest for all of you. Sorry about the lasagna! I'll make it up to you before long.

    Much love, Sandy