Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday January 7th, 2011

Not much to write about today. Josh seems
to be more and more calm in his resting / sleeping
periods each day. He is receiving several sessions
of therapy each day and resting each night.

The doctors changed Josh's breathing cannula
to a smaller size. It can also allow Josh
to inhale through the tube and then force him to
exhale through his mouth and nose. This is all in
preparation to remove his breathing tube completely,
maybe in the next week. It also frees up his vocal
chords to allow him to make sounds if he tries to.

When we sit with Josh, he squeezes our hands
from time to time. We are hoping he knows we are
with him every day.

We will meet with the doctors next week to get a
full assessment and estimated discharge date
which we will all work towards. However, nothing
is set in stone.

Thanks again to you all for everything. Have a nice
weekend. Hug your kids.

The Bonjos


  1. I have no doubt that he knows you are there with him. Keep holding the faith and help him access that part of him that is without limits so that he can heal without limits. keeping the faith with you... sally c

  2. You do not have to hope that he know you are there. He does, in fact, know you are there. Other coma people that I know have said just that "I knew my family was right beside me, I just couldn't tell them" Love & prayer to all. Kimmy & Judy

  3. there is absolutely no doubt he knows. I know he knows! and he probably knows that i know that he knows that we know that he knows!
    josh's brain is too cool to not be aware of people.

  4. just another little note- I drew another picture of Josh last night and lily (my cat, who josh has a special friendship with <3) has been sitting on the picture, purring, since i put it down. i think she'd be purring on his lap to help him get better if she could!

  5. Josh knows you are there and he is telling you so with each squeeze of your hands. Prayers each day for his complete recovery surround you all from every direction. much love-Nan

  6. so glad to hear that Josh has made the move to rehab. I am praying for you all daily, and have faith that josh is working hard to heal, although he cannot let you know that yet. Stay strong, cry when you need to, and hold each other often.
    With love,

  7. Glad to hear things are still going well. Still thinking about all of you and hoping Josh gets better every day. Good luck, Bonjos.

  8. "cry when you need to, and hold each other often."
    thinking of you guys every waking hour of every day.


  9. We continue to hold you all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith. The body and spirit are incredible expressions of the Divine.

  10. JOsh knows you are there, and he knows we are all here, too- his connections with so many who love him will only get stronger and stronger-and he will be surrounded by love just as he is now.

    Glad to hear he is resting well-hugs to you all!
    Susan and Toshi and JOhn