Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Morning January 30th 2011

Busy week! Josh had a great week in therapy. He is opening
his mouth to take a spoon repeatedly. He chewed and swallowed
several ice chips. He is close to saying a word. He also managed
to extricate himself from his therapy arm splints when nobody was looking
and remove several IV lines from both arms.
They are calling him Houdini.

He got a new wheelchair that fits his frame much better. This is
important as he needs to tolerate more and more time in the
chair, out of bed. Friday he moved to a double room with a roommate.

Unfortunately, Josh was readmitted to Paoli Hospital early Saturday
morning with a high fever and low blood pressure. His BP recovered
quickly but his fever has lingered. CT scans, Ultrasound, and
cultures of every possible source of infection have all turned
up negative. So we think he maybe just has a virus. We will know
more today. If anything new develops, I will add to the post.

On a more positive note, we were able to revisit with some of Josh's
doctors and nurses from his original ICU stay, and the level of care
at Paoli is excellent. However, it was tough to go back there.

Thanks to everyone who is following or helping in any way.

With Love,
The Bonjos


  1. Keeping Josh and your entire family in my prayers....Hoping his fever comes down and he can continue on his path to recovery.

  2. Houdini, yes. YES! Go, Josh! wrestling successfully with all that would have given any of us a fever.

    this is the best news of the day. thank you, <3 Bonjo <3 Family!


  3. way to go houdini!! That is the spunk that will help him in the end. Get that fever under control, so he can keep his strength up, and return to the work at hand. Thinking of you all every day.

  4. sorry to hear of the readmit- great news about his progress otherwise. Josh is a strong willed young man- keep on breathing Bonjo family- Josh is going many steps forward for each small step back. Praying for Josh's full recovery to be smooth and speedy. much love Nan

  5. Ellen and Max PillsburyJanuary 31, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    So glad to read about Josh's progress! Continuing to send positive, healing energies your way.

  6. I was laughing to hear about Josh's antics! They will have their hands full as he gets better and better -what a good thing!
    You are in our thoughts everyday!
    Susan, John and Toshi

  7. Tuesday Evening Feb. 1, 2011. A new moon tomorrow, a new month. Please let us all help you with the things that you need right now, whatever they may be, Bonjo Family.


  8. Prayers for continued health and healing for Josh. Fevers are a sign that the immune system is healthy and actively fighting an infection. Keep up the good work Josh. Love to all, Judy & Kimmy