Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday January 15th

Josh had a great day. He has a new tool: a ball
point pen. After trying to get him to work a,
pen light without success, Rose suggested a pen.
He latched on immediately. After a few minutes,
he was clicking it open and closed nonstop.
He enjoyed that all day.

We are noticing the slightest nods in response
to questions and head gesturing with subtle
mouth expressions when he needs something.

Josh is communicating.

More tomorrow. It is late.

The Bonjos


  1. GOOOOOOOOO Josh, keep up the great work and you will be back to normal soon. Love from Judy&Kimmy

  2. Such good news to hear that he has a robot to hold onto! Each daily post is a blessing to us, and we send our love and good wishes every day.I know Josh will continue to amaze everyone with his strength and persistence.If there is anything we can send other than good wishes and thoughts- please let us know!
    Susan, Toshi and John

  3. so wonderful =)

  4. that is great news! Josh is working so hard for sure, and he will benefit greatly from it as his system reboots, rewires and recovers. I continue to think of Josh and you all every day and hold you in my thoughts and prayers. sally c

  5. WONDERFUL! Keep it up Josh. With all the love and prayers from your family and friends we know you will be back soon. Love you.

  6. We are happy to hear Josh is making such positive progress. Slow & steady wins the race. It sounds as if those neurons are kicking in and rewiring is going on, Yippee!
    Josh, keep showing everyone those functional gains they are looking for so you can continue receiving the wonderful care and treatment, that is so valuable. Know that you are surrounded by much love and healing energy helping you along your journey.

    Many blessings to you and your family.
    The Wallace Clan

  7. That's GREAT news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work Josh! Now you know he is in there, it has to feel soooo good!
    I am so thrilled for you guys!
    Prayers for continued progress every day!
    Shelli Banko

  8. much love to you all. thinking good thoughts for josh every day. the brain is an amazing machine, but it is his heart and your love that will help the most through this long waiting process.

  9. Such good news! thanks so much for the post, bonjo fam. the "texting horizon" appears to be in view!