Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday April 12th, 2011

4 months since the accident, today.

Josh will have tendon release surgery next Weds.
He should be up on his feet within a few days.

Josh started on "Aricept" yesterday to help his memory,
until the natural healing process is complete. It has
already kicked in, as we see improvements in less
than 24 hours.

Onward and upward!

The Bonjos


  1. Aw, I miss all of those Upattinas kids.

    It's great to see him with his friends. I wish I could travel four months back in time and give this picture to Josh's family and friends. The journey isn't over but great strides have been made, already.

    Good luck to everyone. Thinking about you.

  2. That picture brought a big smile to my face. I'm glad Josh has progressed as much as he has, that he's continuing to improve, and that there are so many people surrounding him with love.

  3. Very good news, keep up the good news Josh. We are praying for a complete healing. Love to all, Judy & Kimmy

  4. GREAT NEWS! Keep up the great work Josh!

  5. onward & upward is right! wow! what fantastic news in these last two posts. thank you, bonjo fam! josh is the new 'come back kid.' I love the obama poster likeness. who did it? can I buy one? it is way cool. go josh.


  6. I can't believe it has been four months already.
    Josh is so strong, and surrounded by so much love.
    Keep up the hard work, Josh, and you will be home soon! We are all sending you and your family lots of love and positive thoughts everyday!
    The Salvinos

  7. I love you, Bonjos! I wish I was in Pennsylvania so I could visit or help out.

    Renee D.