Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jobeaux on the Move!

Josh is standing and walking with several different
methods of assistance. His therapists continue to say
he is the hardest working patient in the gym.

Josh goes back for a follow up with his surgeon next Thursday.
We hope and pray that he will take his casts and splints off
for good and he can really get to work!

We really believe that Josh will be home in May.

Thanks to everyone for your support! Thanks
for following the blog. To date, you all have
visited this site over 21,000 times. Pretty amazing!
Josh is now begining to read the posts and is trying
to grasp the enormity of what has happened over the past 5 months.
It has now become a tool for him to use to catch up.

Of course, thanks again to Anna and Keith for setting this up!

The Bonjos


  1. wow! HOME (in May)! how beautiful that must sound to you all. you look just great, Josh!


  2. I'm blown away by every post, way to go Josh! Keep up the good work, it looks like you'll be home before you know it.

    Dave Wardle

  3. Hey Josh! You will be home for a beautiful Spring!Your recovery has been so amazing and so inspiring each day,and I'm sure it will continue even more at home.Can't wait to see you there~
    The Salvino bunch