Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Dear Friends,

Josh continues to improve in small ways. His memory issues persist but often he surprises himself by actually remembering what he just did in therapy or how a visit with a friend went.

Once tired though, usually around dinner time, Josh's memory of the basic facts of his situation escape him and he will ask repeatedly "What happened to me? What year is it? etc. These five or six questions reverberate for him and he seeks these answers even when he knows that he has asked for them many times. He will apologize for asking so many questions and then ask them all over again.

We have seen changes in his behavior since the introduction of Aricept, small but subtle changes in conversation, mannerisms, and retention. This off-label use for TBI patients is fascinating and hopeful.

In physical therapy, Josh is practicing standing and even a little walking. He has been fairly successful pulling himself up to a standing position and we have hopes that his drive to walk will pay of as soon as he is able to stand with more stability. He will travel to Paoli Hospital Wednesday morning for the partial tendon release in his Achilles. This small surgical procedure will hopefully jump start his physical progress and it won't be a moment too soon. As it is, we are hoping Josh can make it through the next 5 days. He is chomping at the bit to stand and walk independently and will insist that he is already able. This expression of will and drive is heartening, but trying to reason with him about the reality of this situation is challenging.

He is playing Wii bowling in Recreational Therapy and getting a better score every time. He is also teaching Sue, his therapist, to navigate around inside the game.
He played Frogger on Zach C.'s old school Gameboy and requested his DS handheld game. He is playing word games like Taboo and Bananagrams in therapy and with Mike in the evenings with no problems in creative thinking or vocabulary. His ability to mentally focus is growing and he is able to approach the computer keyboard without being lost and frustrated as he was two weeks ago.

He is enjoying all of the mail he is receiving. Thanks to everyone who has sent him so many beautiful cards, letters, artwork, and packages. They brighten those tired afternoons when he all he seems to think about are all the things he cannot remember from the day.

Josh is reading the blog entries and the comments made by you, dear readers. So if you have a message for Josh you would like to post here, please know that he will receive and appreciate it.

Much love and thanks to all,

The Bonjos


  1. Hello Josh! I'm sitting here with Russ and he says hello and that he is so happy to read the blog and see your progress. I'll see you soon! Love, Anna

  2. Hi Josh and all. Always so happy to hear about your progress, keep up the great work. Your memory will return soon, I am sure of that. You are such a strong person and so determined. We will continue to pray for you, hope to see you after the move to our new place. Love to all, Judy & Kimmy

  3. Hey Josh, love the pics and poster of 'Yes,I can'. Good luck on Wed. my prayers will be with you. If your still at Paoli on Fri. I'll look for you. - Mike

  4. Such wonderful news! Josh! YOU ARE AMAZING and you inspire us all. Your hard work is teaching all of us about what it means to be human, to have a brain in a body and a spirit that prevails.


  5. Your sending a strong and inspiring message out to people with your fast recovery.
    We're waiting for you to kick down another door down, use you as a battering ram, hurt some goblins, and all those other good things in D&D.

  6. Hey Josh - Good luck with tommorrow's procedure. I know you will do well and this will help peed your recovery.
    You are my hero!
    Aunt Susan & Uncle Moon