Friday, April 22, 2011

Paging Dr. Jobeaux

Josh stood and walked with assistance in therapy on
his first day back. His surgery was so successful,
he didn't even need stitches, just skin glue. He has
virtually no pain.

We plan to hunt Easter eggs on the ward on Sunday.

We are counting the days now!

Enjoy your Holiday!

The Bonjos


  1. WAY TO GO JOSH!!!!!So glad that everything went well. Keep up the good work!!!! We all up in Shamokin are thinking of you everyday!!!!Enjoy the egg hunt!!!
    Love Ya, Pam Ron and Stephanie

  2. That is so so so so fantabulous!
    Josh, you are amazing.

  3. Snappy glasses, sir!

    I am sending you a letter soon containing pretty much one of the funniest jokes I have heard in a while.

    You're amazing!

  4. This brought a giant smile to my face. Yay Josh! You rock!!!

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  6. go, jobeaux, go! you're such a winner, yo.
    we sent you a box of goodies yesterday, josh!
    love from susan & noah

  7. Dear Josh and Family,
    Sending our love and best wishes for a lovely and delicious Easter! Hope Josh gets all his favorite treats in his basket! You all continue to inspire us! Aunt Denise, Hilary and Maya

  8. Hey Josh-

    I heard that a robot made by the Penn robotics students threw out the opening pitch at a Phillie's game the other day, and I thought of you. They had to limit the speed to 40MPH for "safety" reasons!

    It is so exciting to hear you are back up on your feet,and will be getting home soon. Don't eat too much candy at Easter or you'll get sick!
    Love, Susan, John and Toshi

  9. Dear Mike, Darling, Josh & Rose - We are so thankful to see all Josh's progress! We pray every day for Josh's continued recovery. Love to you all - the Hunters

  10. Great Job, Josh. I'm so glad you got back to Bryn Mahr so fast. Keep up with the hard work! -Mike