Thursday, April 21, 2011


Josh had a very successful day in surgery yesterday. The procedure
went better than planned, he was casted the way we had hoped, and
we got to go back to Bryn Mawr after he was done.

We left Bryn Mawr about 9 AM. He was very calm, cool and collected.
Josh was in surgery by 12:00 and out by 2:00. The doctor released
his tendons and his ankles relaxed right into place. He may be up
and walking in his short casts today. His biggest complaint was that
he was not being fed before or after the anesthesia.

By 6:00 last night, he was completely awake, in bed, watching
SciFy at Bryn Mawr. As an added bonus on the day, the insurance
company refused to pay for Josh's stay over night at Paoli, so
we were able to leave after recovery, which was our preference anyway.
We fed him a light snack and headed home about 7:30.
When I called to check on him last night, the nurse told
me he had pulled his bedside table over to the bed and ransacked
all the food we had left for him to be rationed by the nurse during the
night. (They wanted to get him slowly back on solid food after
anesthesia.) By the time the nurses noticed what he was up to,
they found him licking the tin foil from the muffin that was on the
table. He was still so hungry, they made him a vege burger!

We expect the next few weeks to include many changes. The most obvious
will be the change in Josh's mobility. We also feel this shift in his recovery
will trigger changes on a cognitive level. If the research is accurate,
this comes at a time when theoretically, Josh's amnesia should start to dissipate.
We are getting very close to the time when Josh will be discharged to home
and continue rehab on an outpatient basis. That may come before the end of May.

Thanks for the prayers, the cards and letters, the inspiring stories,
the Internet research, and just for following Josh on his journey.

The Bonjos


  1. YAY!
    Lots of love to you Bonjo's

    The Wallace's

  2. So glad your operation went well Josh. The entrekin's are thinking of you. Take care.

  3. I am so glad that went well.It appears this is going to be a good year for Josh. He's my hero. I am glad to see his smile in the photos.
    Much love - Aunt Susan