Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weds. Feb. 23rd, 2011

I watched Josh feed himself dinner last night.
It must be great to eat again after such a long fast!
They tried to feed him eggs this morning and he flat out refused.

They "casted" Josh's ankle yesterday and replaced his arm cast
this morning. I got to talk to him on the phone today again.
Something about the phone makes him more talkative than face to face.

It looks as though he will be at Bryn Mawr at least through March.

Keep those prayers and that good vibe coming!

The Bonjos


  1. I'll bet Josh is glad to be eating real food. As I get older I realize how satisfying food can be. And it sounds like he is making decisions about what he wants to eat.
    We are sending positive prayers your way. We are glad Josh is progressing so well.
    SB & BAB

  2. NICE! what breakfast food do you think he would have preferred?

    wonderful news...we're all tuned in and sending the love.


  3. Lots and lots of prayers coming his way. Josh, you will be back to normal in no time. Love to all, Judy & Kimmy

  4. so great to read so much good news! i continue to hold Josh and you all in my thoughts and prayers...and i celebrate with you all the positive, amazing steps Josh is taking in his healing journey...go Josh!
    xo sallyc

  5. Wonderful news that Josh is talking with you guys! How nice it must be for you to hear his voice everyday and on the phone too! We are so happy for Josh and the family that he is making such wonderful progress. Our prayers and thoughts of continued strength and progress are with you guys everyday!
    Ed and Jacquie Passifione