Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Feb. 9th 2011

Josh pushes onward and upward!

Josh is nodding yes or no many times now in
response to our questions.

We are also seeing a positive shift in his right arm
and hand, slowly but surely.

Josh sat on a mat today, unsupported.

He should have his trach out tomorrow afternoon.

Josh sat with a table protruding out over his lap
today. He sat very tall and alert and crumpled and
folded paper. He seemed very pleased.

Josh's roommate moved out to another room due to
a complication, so he has this room to himself again.

More good stuff later!

The Bonjos


  1. Awesome! Such good progress, go Josh!

  2. Great news Bonjo family. Kepp up the good work Josh. We are all praying for you. Love, Judy & Kimmy

  3. Yea Josh! Way to go! So great to hear! <3

  4. Keep up the good work Josh!
    Love & blessings to you & you family, hang in there everyone.
    The Wallace Clan

  5. Yeah Josh! I knew this was going to be a happy new year for the Bonjo's. You know it is the small things in all of our lives that bring us joy.
    Has he tried the I Pad?

  6. Dear Mike & Darling - Wonderful news! We keep praying every day for Josh, his doctors and the both of you. Love to you all - the Hunters

  7. Hi Bonjos-
    I am so happy to hear about Josh being able to crumple paper! The perfect thing to make him feel like himself. We missed him a lot at John's birthday party,but he was here in spirit in a big way. We all wish you continued strength and stamina for each day.
    Love, Susan,Toshi and John

  8. What fantastic improvements!! We have been following things and praying for Josh from South Jersey. Bless you all..
    The Cain family