Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Feb. 22nd, 2011

A beautiful day!

The nurse called and Josh talked to me on the phone today.
I asked him several questions to which he very clearly
answered "Yes" each time.

He also fed himself an entire lunch today. As a result, he is
now cleared for 3 square meals per day starting with dinner

They put a hard cast on Josh's right arm that will be replaced
every day, in order to slowly regain his range of motion. They
have also increased his therapy time in the special boots that flex
to restore the range of motion in his ankles.

Spread the word!

The Bonjos


  1. This is wonderful news - we are sitting here in the office together and are just thrilled!
    Leila, Nancy, Anna, and Kim!

  2. So awesome, so exciting. I'm so happy to hear all these positive updates and to hear him doing so well is fantastic. Hooray!

  3. That is so fantastic and touching!

  4. Josh is playing with Robot friends to help him restore health!

  5. Josh, I am elated!

  6. This is awesome news!
    Reading how well Josh is doing every update always brings a smile to my face. :)

  7. this is the most joyful, uplifting, news! Josh is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope he knows we are all here for him, ready to help in any way.
    best news ever since you started the blog. WOW!

    a day to celebrate.


  8. Very wonderful news. Keep up the good work Josh. Love to all, Judy & Kimmy

  9. Yay! I finally got to check the blog again-what great progress! It makes my day each time I see how his youth and strength and will are bringing him back-along with all the love and support form everyone and the universe! Spring is coming-time for lots of new growth!
    Susan,John and Toshi