Friday, July 19, 2013

Hi All,
Joshing around at the beach.

Gotta love this weather, huh?

Josh has been busy this summer, too busy to mess with this blog. Several people have asked if we could post an update, so here it is.

Josh has been attending speech therapy at West Chester U this month. He really enjoys it and it has been very helpful.

Josh started a round of Phenol treatments this week. The doctor injects Phenol into key nerves in his calves. These injections break the connection between the nerves and some muscles in his feet, allowing his feet to stand flat on the floor. It is an amazing transformation. While his brain is still growing connections around damaged areas, we are severing nerves that have an adverse effect in other places. And in the end, he still may need an additional injection as those nerves try to regrow connections around the Phenol break. The body is truly amazing.

Josh has been receiving some very specialized chiropractic care on the advice of Dr. Bob and has realized a great release of trauma his body had been holding from the accident.

Josh continues to walk on the Lokomat at BMR and has doubled his assisted walking distance in therapy and at home. He continues to work out and lift weights at Fighting Back. He has really come a long way. We see positive change in him every day.

We have a new metal grated ramp for the front of the house, thanks to help from Abilities in Motion. Josh can walk the length of it to the front door with assistance. The chickens think it was put in for them to roost on....

Our close friend, Jack Geesey, who kept us in good spirits with his inspirational and humorous photos and artwork while Josh was in the hospital (see below), is now struggling with his own health issue. Please pray for his speedy recovery.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. You can visit Josh (Wanijobo) on Facebook!

The Bonjos

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