Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday April 15th 2012

Josh continues to work hard in therapy and
always shows progress. He is walking with min assist
and using his walker. His memory also continues to improve.

In CT, Josh has been reading Hunger Games. We all
went to see the movie with friends last week. He also
has been working on a report about social networking,
which he presented to therapists and patients last week.
He is now preparing a Powerpoint presentation on Facebook
for this week.

Josh now spends his spare time at Bryn Mawr Hospital in the
greenhouse. It is a wonderful space that provided us with
a much needed boost during the long winter months when Josh was
in patient.

He loves your cards, emails and messages. Thank you!

The Bonjos

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  1. Josh and Darling-

    You both look great in the picture at the movies! I'm so glad you get to hang out in the greenhouse, they really are the most wonderful places for good energy-

    Keep up all your hard work, Josh- you continue to amaze and inspire SO MANY people!
    Susan S.