Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday January 21st, 2012

Things continue to move forward. Josh is working
hard in the pool, walking with almost no assistance.
In the gym, he is walking further with minimal assistance.
He is also riding a recumbent bike.

Josh is working in his old college computer science books
and doing really cool stuff on his iPad.

Winter is finally here, 4 inches of snow today.

Mike leaves in the morning for Chicago for a trade show.

The days are getting longer.

Love you all,
The Bonjos

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  1. Bonjo's, I am so happy to see how great Josh is doing in rehab and in life! It was a difficult weekend at work and made me think of you, Josh. I've checked in on this blog from time to time and love seeing the pictures and reading about your progress! You're such a fighter...keep it up! ~Amy, Paoli ICU