Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday December 6th, 2011

Josh had a minor operation last week on his foot. Everything
went great. He is continuing with lots of standing and walking
exercises and the 3 days of therapy each week have really made
a difference. A lift installed in his shoe has made a noticeable
difference in these activities. Josh is working very hard.
Unfortunately, this leaves him exhausted, but he has to do the
work now.

Josh's right arm is continuing to improve in strength and agility.
He can now eat about half of his meals with "Righty", as we call it.

We are coming up on 1 year since the accident. It's hard to believe.
I don't know how we will handle December 12th, 2011. I feel
anxious as the date approaches, reliving that night in 2010 in my mind.
Really, we should treat it like any other day now that we
have our son back with us. We should be hopeful and thankful
for the gift we have been given.

Love you all,
The Bonjos


  1. Happy Holidays to you! Yes, what a year you have had...I have thought of your family so much in this past year, and prayed so much that Josh would recover. Sounds like he is such a fighter....every single accomplishment he makes is amazing! You guys must be so proud of him! And....Josh is REALLY lucky to have such wonderful and caring parents :)
    Love, Shelli Banko

  2. Hi Bonjos! Thanks for the post. It's Anna's 12th birthday today! Think about that instead. So many positive things have happened due to your perseverance and courage.

    XO Andy

  3. Thank God for all the improvements Josh has been making. I have not kept up with this blog, my intension during the day is to come home and check the blog, then I get home and forget to check it. My apoligies. I may have forgotten to check the blog, but you are in my prayers every night Josh for a steady and complete recovery. What you have done so far is amazing, keep up the great work. Zak Theis and I talk about you and how amazing you are when I run into him at the Giant, he is impressed with your improvements also. So keep up the therapy, it is so worth it. Love to all, Judy and Kimmy

  4. Congratulations to all of you on meeting a year of challenges that few of us will ever have to face. Maybe Josh deserves two birthdays? (at least) You are an inspiration to us all, Josh.

  5. Dear Bonjos-

    One year ago really does seem ages ago-but what thankfuless I feel that Josh is with us, and making everyone crack up still. Your whole family can feel proud of the great progress Josh has made with all your love and support and hard work.
    Miracles really do come true!
    You are in our thoughts and prayers this week especially, anniversaries are always tough,but what a milestone of progress,too!
    Susan S.

  6. Tonight is the one year anniversary. This night you know that your boy is alive and home, and smiling in his current posted picture with the same wonderful smile as he did in the picture posted from before the accident.
    For all of us that follow this blog, that smile is an answer to our prayers. It speakes volumes.
    God Bless You This Holiday Season. Art, Karen and Family Paviglianiti