Friday, November 4, 2011

Josh turned 20 last weekend.

Despite the freak snow storm, loss of power
and Dad getting the flu, we were able to have
a small birthday celebration with those who
made it through the snow and around closed roads.
(No, the generator still will not start!)

It is a great gift and a blessing that we were able
to celebrate this birthday with Josh. There were times
11 months ago when I questioned if we would make it this far.
Josh has come a very long way.

After an initial denial and subsequent appeal, Josh was approved for
3 days a week of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.
It was only a 6 week approval instead of 8, but we will take it!
He is starting to use a walker now in therapy. Things are coming together.

Sometimes we lose sight of the forest for the trees as things
move so slowly. We were looking at Josh's work book yesterday and
all of the sudden had to ask ourselves why we still had a list of
"Josh's Important Questions" in there. Well 4 months ago, Josh had a
list of very important things he had trouble remembering. In that moment
of realization, I remembered that he had not needed to ask any of those
questions in a very long time. This is how the healing happens.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the party and thanks
for your continued support!

The Bonjos


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Josh !!
    Keep up the steady progess and keep strong !!
    Lori Lyons

  2. Happy birthday a little late Josh! The Entrekin's are still rooting for you. Glad to hear about all the progress! Much love to your whole family.
    The Entrekin's

  3. my dear, beloved bonjos... please pardon the lack of capitalization and punctuation, i spilled water on my computer and the keys on my keyboard on not responding.

    i'm saddened by the news of josh's tragedy, but i'm so happy to see the positivity and the very obvious progress. i've missed you so much, darling, and think of you guys often. if you ever find yourself on the social networking site facebook, please find me. i'd love to correspond...

  4. Dear Bonjos-

    November and birthdays have always been so hectic and full of parties for our kids, with some on the same dates, etc.

    This year I was especially grateful that we were celebrating and planning parties, even if the weather and timing and etc. didn't cooperate completely-

    We missed Josh at Toshi's party, but he was there in spirit, and even just knowing that he wanted to come was the best present she could receive! I am so happy that she could celebrate with him at his. It has been a long year of witnessing some completely amazing miracles as Josh recovers and heals.

    I wish for him and for all of you another year of growth and healing and progress! Thank you for sharing with all of us his journey- you are all such a blessing to us!

    Susan S.