Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday September 19th, 2011

No More MAFOs!

Josh was cleared last week to walk, stand and transfer
without his MAFO braces. In fact, he will only use them
for walking long distances in therapy. This will make Josh
more comfortable and eliminate the need to put them on / take
them off 10 times a day...

Josh has regained a considerable range of motion in his right
arm and hand. We are now working on dexterity,
assembling LEGO models, using a tablet computer and working
on puzzles.

All else is on track and going well.

Pictures and more news later!

The Bonjos


  1. That's GREAT news! Keep up the hard work Josh!
    Shelli Banko

  2. Dear Mike, Darling, Rose & especially Josh - It's so great to hear & see all the progress that Josh is making! We continue to pray for Josh's recovery. Keep the faith. Love to you all - the Hunters

  3. You're doing fantastic Josh. A great job by the rest of the family too. A shout out to everybody. Looking back at some of the pictures I just can't get over how grown up everyone is. It seems like it happened all of a sudden. It seems like only yesterday everyone was running around and playing on the rock and trees at Upattinas. Anyhow you've grown into a fine looking young man. Keep up the good work, it's paying off!

    Blessings to all - The Wallace Clan

  4. Josh, i am so syked about your recovery. you and your family have been through SO much. you all have been in the thoughts and prayers of many of my collegues in the ICU @ Paoli Hospital. i look forward to seeing you again Monday 9/26, as Paoli celebrates it's 1 yr anniversary of being a trauma unit. i will be there....on a cane--as i myself have had major hip surgery, but i will be there to support you once more w/ have come such a long way, i can't wait to see/meet you and your family again, till then, take good care....
    ~skate~ (ICU staff RN, Paoli Hospital)

  5. you are lookin' great, Josh. I'm sure there are few of us who can truly appreciate all of your hard work getting to where you are. the photo's give us just an inkling of what you and your family have been through all these months. love & giant hugs to all of you!