Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday March 17, 2011 St. Patrick's Day

Art courtesy of Alex Grey

Josh is still working hard in therapy. He is learning to use a slide board
to be able to slide in and out of bed to his wheelchair.

Josh was transitioned from chopped food to whole, soft food yesterday.
They served him a vege burger for lunch and he was very happy. He also
can drink thin liquids, under supervision, using a special straw that
limits intake.

Josh is struggling a bit with the short term memory retention that is
very normal with TBI. Some days he has trouble remembering what he ate
for lunch or who visited earlier in the day. We are combating this issue
by keeping a "memory book" logging all the events of the day and by
documenting visitors with photographs. It is a very emotional and trying
time, but we hope it will pass quickly.

Josh loves getting mail. Please send him magazine articles, jokes, pictures,
or whatever to:

Bryn Mawr Hospital
Attn: Josh Bonjo
414 Paoli Pike
Maple Ward
Malvern, PA 19355

Thanks again for all the prayers, love and support
and for bringing the trash cans down from the road!

The Bonjo Family


  1. <3 <3

    Love, tara

  2. Definitely sending some mail later!

    Hang in there. Wishing Josh and the rest of the family good health and peace.

  3. Keep up the great work Josh, we are all praying for a complete recovery and it looks very promising on your end :) Love to all, Judy & Kimmy